Visitors and Newcomers

We are always delighted to welcome Visitors and Newcomers. Please contact Kitkat, the Hunting Secretary, in the first instance and at least 3 days before the Meet to discuss details and Cap (how much to pay).

Steeple Ashton

What to Wear

Autumn Hunting – "Ratcatcher":

  • Tweed jacket
  • Coloured stock or shirt and tie
  • buff or fawn breeches/jodhpurs
  • black or brown boots
  • Dark coloured hard hat or skull cap with silk.

From Opening Meet until 1st March – Formal Hunting Dress:

  • Black or blue hard hat with the ribbons sewn up or a skull cap with black or blue silk
  • Black or blue hunting coat with white stock and stock pin
  • or tweed jacket with dark coloured stock and stock pin or shirt and tie
  • Light coloured shirt
  • Gloves; black, brown or white
  • White, buff or fawn breeches/jodhpurs
  • Plain black boots or topped boots (gentlemen only).
  • Spurs
  • Brown hunting crop
  • Hairnet (ladies).
  • Body protectors can be worn

From 1st March to the end of the Season, Ratcatcher can be worn.


Horses should be turned out neatly and correctly as it shows respect to our Landowners and the people that have organised the meet.

  • From Opening Meet, all horses should be plaited or hogged.
  • All tack should be correctly fitted, clean and plain black or brown. This includes saddle-cloths, boots and brow bands - no "bling" or bright colours!
  • If your horse is liable to kick, please wear a red ribbon on its tail and keep to the back of the Field.
  • A young/inexperienced horse should wear a green ribbon in its tail.

If you have any questions at all please do contact Kitkat who will be more than happy to help.


Everyone hunting with the Avon Vale Hunt needs to complete a disclaimer which can be downloaded from here. You need to complete a new one of these each season you come out, so please bring one to the first meet you attend and hand to Kitkat with your Cap. We don’t keep disclaimers year to year (data protection) so even if you have done one in the past, please bring us a new one.

See here for contact details.